Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Offical Due Date + 2nd Ultrasound

No ultrasound picture today, unfortunately. She decided to do it on my tummy this time and you really couldnt see very well because im still only 9 weeks and i def. did not have a full bladder so i wasnt really prepared, lol.

Official due date is April 2nd, 2012 and i finally got some Phenagren (sp?) for my nausea. I took the first pill one hour ago and havent noticed anything drastic yet but it may take a while. My nausea is so bad ive been instructed to take one pill every 4-6 hours. Dr. also told me if i still cant go 8 hours without vomiting i need to go to the hospital for a day or two for observation and fluids to make sure i dont get dehydrated and sick.

Otherwise everything is fine and he said he was "tickled and surprised" that i got pregnant again, lol. My endometriosis makes the chances of pregnancy extremely slim and he told me in 2009 it would be very hard if not impossible to have kids again... but here we are lol. I also signed some paperwork giving him consent to tie my tubes after the baby is born. No more kids for me, 2 will be enough, lol.


  1. Im happy that all is well w u!
    When will u know if its a girl or boy?

  2. that's awesome! i can't wait to hear what you are having!