Monday, August 8, 2011

First Ultrasound!

Well i went to my first OBGYN appt today to get an ultrasound. Turns out i am only 5 weeks pregnant and NOT 12 weeks due to the fact that because of my endometriosis i ovulated way later than i should have after my last period. The endometriosis really screwed up my ovaries, so this isnt a big surprise.

My last period was May 13-17th but i apparently did not ovulate until several weeks (up to 2 months) later because of the difficulty my ovaries are having since my surgeries/the endometriosis itself. However, to my relief (and the doctors) it was not a tubal pregnancy.

Other than that everything is just fine and i go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound to confirm my due date - which is now unknown at this point.


  1. Aww look at the little bean! Thats great that its not an ectopic pregnancy. Ive had one of those and with that there was a hard decision to make. But again im so happy for you that all is great!

  2. Thanks girl! I was pretty relieved it was not ectopic also. And now we have more time to prepare LOL