Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Offical Due Date + 2nd Ultrasound

No ultrasound picture today, unfortunately. She decided to do it on my tummy this time and you really couldnt see very well because im still only 9 weeks and i def. did not have a full bladder so i wasnt really prepared, lol.

Official due date is April 2nd, 2012 and i finally got some Phenagren (sp?) for my nausea. I took the first pill one hour ago and havent noticed anything drastic yet but it may take a while. My nausea is so bad ive been instructed to take one pill every 4-6 hours. Dr. also told me if i still cant go 8 hours without vomiting i need to go to the hospital for a day or two for observation and fluids to make sure i dont get dehydrated and sick.

Otherwise everything is fine and he said he was "tickled and surprised" that i got pregnant again, lol. My endometriosis makes the chances of pregnancy extremely slim and he told me in 2009 it would be very hard if not impossible to have kids again... but here we are lol. I also signed some paperwork giving him consent to tie my tubes after the baby is born. No more kids for me, 2 will be enough, lol.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ugh, the drama!!

Any of you who know me outside of this blog or my beauty blog will know i have always had issues with my mother-in-law (ill refer to her as MIL). She's extremely controlling, manipulative, and two-faced. To be honest i had no issues with her until my husband and I had our daughter. Prior to that, even during the pregnancy, she was fine. But after we had our daughter my MIL went insane - seriously....

She has always tried to control everything we do as husband & wife, parents, and individuals. If we're not at her house several times a week, or at least calling her (she lives 10 mins away) shes crying and throwing a fit saying we're trying to keep her granddaughter away from her. My MIL overreacts about EVERYTHING and blows every situation out of proportion. She doesnt even pay attentions to her grandkids, they often get hurt at her house when they dont at home, and i recently found out she was giving my 3 yr old daughter McDonalds 2-3 times EVERY day she spends with her because she "doesnt have time to cook" - if you have 30 minutes to drive back & forth to Mcondalds, you've got time to make something for ur freakin grandkids at ur own house! Shes just lazy.

I've come to the realization that the ONLY stress my husband and I suffer from is her. Without her and all her problems and drama we would be alot happier and stress free. I want to get away from here so bad its not even funny.... but that would mean leaving my own family too which has always been supportive and respectful of us. My own mother even tells me when need to get away from my MIL if we want to be happy. I mean its to the point there if i deny my daughter of going to my MIL's house for ONE day she threatens to take me to court for grandparents rights....

I feel alone in this situation though. My husband agrees with me 99% of the time but because this is his mom and shes always been manipulative and controlling over him he often finds it hard to go against her and actually DO something about it. So its left to me and with the fact that i am now pregnant again i do not need the added stress. I try to be firm with her and let her know im not taking her crap without disrespecting her or being rude but its soooo hard. She really crosses the line just about everyday and ive had enough :|

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bible School

My husband and I just got back from our daughters bible school program about an hour ago. There were snacks, singing, videos, arts & crafts, etc. She had alot of fun but refused to sing LOL. It was kinda funny.

As far as the pregnancy goes I still have "morning" sickness all day long. I find that eating several tiny meals throughout the day has helped alot, and not choosing greasey foods. Ive also cut out all pop/soda and caffiene (apart from the occasional unsweet tea). My next appointment is for August 31st. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning SIckness

It should just be called "sickness". Unfortunately for the past 3 days it has been hitting me hard. I have to eat several tiny meals throughout the day otherwise im about to barf everytime i move. Granola bars and crackers help alot in the morning though.

With my last pregnancy i was sick for the first 3 months straight and i lost nearly 30 lbs before i even started to gain any back. Im really hoping this time i can keep it at bay for 99% of the time without puking all the time because thats just miserable and i hate it.

Otherwise i feel okay... i dont have much energy and i seem to get hot flashes alot but everything else is normal. I will be happy when the first trimester is OVER. lol

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Ultrasound!

Well i went to my first OBGYN appt today to get an ultrasound. Turns out i am only 5 weeks pregnant and NOT 12 weeks due to the fact that because of my endometriosis i ovulated way later than i should have after my last period. The endometriosis really screwed up my ovaries, so this isnt a big surprise.

My last period was May 13-17th but i apparently did not ovulate until several weeks (up to 2 months) later because of the difficulty my ovaries are having since my surgeries/the endometriosis itself. However, to my relief (and the doctors) it was not a tubal pregnancy.

Other than that everything is just fine and i go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound to confirm my due date - which is now unknown at this point.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rainy Day

I have done a whole lot of nothing today, lol. My husband went to work around 2pm like every other Sunday. Zoey and I stayed home, played inside because of the rain, watched cartoons, and she took a nap. Otherwise today has been uneventful.

Im currently readaing the last book in the A Game Of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin. The books and the show (on HBO) are amazing!!! Although im a little sad to be on the last book and im hoping he writes more for the sake of the series since its an HBO original show now. If not, the show may not be very long, lol.

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound appointment and i am officially 12 weeks along now. Still nervous about the appt. but i really want to get it over with and see the results.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

lia sophia

I went to a Lia Sophia bingo party today with my mother in law, and sisters-in-law. There were lots of women there and i didnt win anything but i did sign up to host one party so i got a $100 necklace for FREE! :)

Other than that i havent done much because i really have NO energy whatsoever and i just want to lay in bed all day. I need maternity pants finally - mine are beginning to hurt really bad when i sit for long periods of time. Theyre putting to much pressure on my stomach. Not something i am looking forward to but thanks to Kohls and Old Navy maternity clothes are pretty cute nowadays, lol.

First ultrasound is still set for Monday the 8th, so ill give an update when i hear more! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I feel like a prisoner!

I have been stuck in this house for well over a week and havent gone anywhere (except this weekend when we went bowling) and i am starting to feel trapped!

I havent had my ultrasound yet but im nervously awaiting it because of my endometriosis theres a high chance this could be a tubal pregnancy, which would have to be terminated :( I deifnitely dont want that so im hoping everything is fine but im a tad worried that i have ZERO symptoms - no morning sickness, heart burn, cramps, etc. Nothing.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Family

Here are some images to help you get more familiar with me and my family :)

Myself, my husband and our daughter at our wedding. 10/10/10

My husband, Joe

My Daughter, Zoey

Myself and my best friend Amber


This is my first post to my new pregnancy/parenting blog!  :)

Hello to all the moms out there! I am always interested in following parenting blogs and sharing my experiences with other parents. I am 11 weeks pregnant and my due date is February 19th, 2012. We do not know the sex of the baby yet and are still deciding on names.

I suffer from endometriosis and i have been told by several doctors over the past 2-3 years that its likely i would not conceive again. However - here we are! lol Im pregnant again so far NO morning sickness or other symptoms so i have had it pretty easy.

I have an OBGYN appointment Monday August 8th for my first ultrasound. I will post photos and stories as soon as i can! :) Thanks for reading/following.