Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ugh, i've had enough!

See bottom for pregnancy update...

My mother-in-law (as usual) is driving me crazy. Lately my daughter has not been wanting to see her or spend time with her at all but instead of just accepting it she continues to randomly show up at our house and try to force Zoey to go with her, which results in Zoey screaming & crying and being extremely upset.

It's happened 2 times already this week and my MIL really just does not get the hint. And by hint i mean me outright telling her to LEAVE. She just gets mad and starts trying to guilt trip Zoey, whos only 3, by telling her "you're going to hurt grandmas feelings" or "if you dont go i dont wanna hear u cry ever again about wanting to come to my house because i wont care". Its just getting out of hand.

Today she showed up after Zoeys nap and wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch.... for whatever reason Zoey really did not want to leave with her so i said she could stay home. Well, my MIL cant take no for an answer so she forcibly tries to put Zoey's socks & shoes on her while shes kicking and screaming. All the while i am telling her "Stop. You need to leave her alone, she clearly doesnt want to go and you're making her really upset. Im tired of it. You need to leave" and she seriously just ignored me. Next thing i know my father-in-law (her husband) pulls in the driveway too and comes in to continue where my MIL left off by trying to force Zoey to leave with them.

I was about to loose my mind and just go off but i only held on to my sanity by trying to keep in mind that my child was already crying and upset so me yelling at her grandparents probably wouldnt be a good scene for her to see and i decided to refrain myself for the time being. It just didnt seem appropriate to make her witness that but believe me we will be talking about it later and i am most definitely having a discussion with my husband about it. It has to stop. She is way to overbearing and controlling. I struggle alot with how i should deal with her because i want to remain mature (which she is not) and get my point across at the same time.


Also, i went to my OBGYN today for a regular checkup. Everything is fine although i STILL have morning sickness :(. No ultrasound this time but in 3 weeks (November 14th) we are going in for one to find out the sexy of the baby! In my opinion i think its a boy but i could be wrong, lol. Either way we'll be happy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Been a While...

Morning sickness still hasnt gone away and im offically around 14 weeks now. Ontop of that i have a double ear infection AND a super sore throat + stuffy nose. Zoey has been sick for about 2 weeks now with a virus. She had a bad fever last week and we made a trip to the ER, shes a little better now but still doesnt feel 100%.

On a lighter note today is my husbands 24th birthday :) I love him so much, i dont know what Zoey and I would do without him. Hes really the best.

October 25th i have another Dr's appoint to check the babys progress, and sometimes in late November we will be finding out the sex of the baby. Joe and I are both hoping it's a boy but even if its a girl we wont be disappointed.