Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ugh, the drama!!

Any of you who know me outside of this blog or my beauty blog will know i have always had issues with my mother-in-law (ill refer to her as MIL). She's extremely controlling, manipulative, and two-faced. To be honest i had no issues with her until my husband and I had our daughter. Prior to that, even during the pregnancy, she was fine. But after we had our daughter my MIL went insane - seriously....

She has always tried to control everything we do as husband & wife, parents, and individuals. If we're not at her house several times a week, or at least calling her (she lives 10 mins away) shes crying and throwing a fit saying we're trying to keep her granddaughter away from her. My MIL overreacts about EVERYTHING and blows every situation out of proportion. She doesnt even pay attentions to her grandkids, they often get hurt at her house when they dont at home, and i recently found out she was giving my 3 yr old daughter McDonalds 2-3 times EVERY day she spends with her because she "doesnt have time to cook" - if you have 30 minutes to drive back & forth to Mcondalds, you've got time to make something for ur freakin grandkids at ur own house! Shes just lazy.

I've come to the realization that the ONLY stress my husband and I suffer from is her. Without her and all her problems and drama we would be alot happier and stress free. I want to get away from here so bad its not even funny.... but that would mean leaving my own family too which has always been supportive and respectful of us. My own mother even tells me when need to get away from my MIL if we want to be happy. I mean its to the point there if i deny my daughter of going to my MIL's house for ONE day she threatens to take me to court for grandparents rights....

I feel alone in this situation though. My husband agrees with me 99% of the time but because this is his mom and shes always been manipulative and controlling over him he often finds it hard to go against her and actually DO something about it. So its left to me and with the fact that i am now pregnant again i do not need the added stress. I try to be firm with her and let her know im not taking her crap without disrespecting her or being rude but its soooo hard. She really crosses the line just about everyday and ive had enough :|


  1. My MIL is the same way! It's actually been a year since my Husband & I have spoken to her. She hasn't seen my kids either.
    There is no such thing as Grandparent rights. Unless
    1) your an unfit parent- which I doubt you are.
    2) You & your hubby would pass away & your family would try to keep the kids away from her.

    I hope things get better for you.

  2. My hubbys mom is so so nice Im told by alot of people that Im very lucky.
    I agree with you. You guys need to stay away from her.
    I wish I could give you more advice!

  3. @Tiffany - im sorry you're going through a similar situation! I seirously cannot stand my MIL. Shes just too overbearing and out of control. I know she has no cause for a court to grant her grandparents rights or even custody... but she has no idea what the law even states. She just threatens me with it assuming it will scare me. Thanks!

    @Jazmin - You're definitely lucky!! My mom is just great and has never tried to control us or stuck her nose in our business so i know my husband doesnt really understand how i feel. Its happening to me, not him. And because its his mother he tends to overlook her craziness.