Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Time :)

Zoey starts school tomorrow! It will be her first time at Head Start and she's been placed with a group of advanced kids so i think she'll do really well! I was afraid shed be bored if they stuck her with kids her own age because she's so much further along than they are.

Only thing im worried about is the fact that she rides the bus to and from school, and considering shes 3 shes clearly never rode a bus before so i dont know if she'll be scared and uncomfortable to get on it. Hopefully there wont be problems.

My next doctors appointment is September 27th. Baby is doing fine so far but my "morning" sickness is still really terrible. Nausea lasts all day long and even my anti-nausea pills are not helping, all they really do is make me super tired and give me blurry vision. Im nearly at the 12 week mark now so im praying it slows down and the sickness goes away soon.

1 comment:

  1. How cute that she is going to school =)
    Mine will be going next yr!
    I hope that your morning sickness goes away soon.